Create Channel

This page explains the steps to create a channel through which your prospects can receive the EnCaps.

Navigation: Admin->Channels

1. Channel page lists the channels that are already configured for your use.

2. To create your own channel, click Create Channel and enter the name of the channel in Name.

3. Select your desired type of channel (SMS, Twitter, Facebook) from Type.

Info! SMS and WhatsApp channel types are available in the current version of Twixor EnCaps.

Create SMS Channel

1. To create a new SMS channel, choose the Vendor for the selected channel for example, select the SMS vendor Karix.

Info! Karix helps you to integrate across channels like SMS, WhatsApp, and RCS.

2. Select the type of channel from Type.

Info! SMS and WhatsApp channels are available in the current version of Twixor EnCaps.

3. If you choose Karix as the Vendor, provide the Karix credentials in appropriate columns. That is, Copy and Paste the AUTH ID and AUTH TOKEN in Karix username and Password. Refer Link Karix Account to view more about obtaining AUTH ID and AUTH TOKEN from Karix.

Info! The Karix AUTH ID and AUTH TOKEN can be obtained after you have registered in the SMS provider portal.

4. Click Create Channel to create the new SMS channel.

Let us configure a new channel called "New SMS Channel" for using it to launch Book Store EnCap.

Give the inputs in the appropriate columns as illustrated in the steps given above.

After the successful creation of the New SMS Channel, it is displayed in the list of channels as shown in the figure below:

Clicking on the channel name shows your vendor (Karix) Account Details on the right side of the Channel Configuration page.


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