Create and Delete Forms in EnCaps

Every EnCap needs an actionable form. It lets your customers to share information with you or contact you directly through the loaded buttons embedded within it. Twixor EnCaps comes with built-in controls to create a form with all the required fields.

Let us help you discover that how painless it is to create dynamic forms with Twixor EnCaps using these steps.

Navigation: EnCaps->Select the EnCaps Name

This will open the Launch History page of the selected EnCaps.

1. Click Forms tab. It displays the list of forms created under the selected EnCaps. You can also cancel the form by clicking option available next to the form name.

2. Click Create Form to create new forms for the selected EnCap.

3. In Create Form page, type the form name and description of the form respectively in Name and Description. Let us create forms for the EnCap "Book Store". It's important to create a landing or welcome page for discussing the single focused objective of the campaigns.

By way of example, a welcome page called "Welcome to the Book Store" is created for the "Book Store" EnCap.

4. Click Submit to create a new form. You should view a message stating that Form successfully created if the form is created successfully.

5. Subsequently, design the form with text, selection, typed, date/time, and other controls like Section, Hidden, and File Upload controls provided in the palette by dragging and dropping them in the work area.

Text Controls

Customers interact with EnCap forms through different types of controls. Text controls here can be used to create text fields like Text, Text Area, and Email.

Text Field for obtaining plain text input
Text Area Multi-line input field

Field for obtaining ID of your mail account.

Warning! If an incorrect Email Id is provided by the user, an error message "Invalid email address" will be displayed

Selection Controls

Using these controls, you can allow the users to complete tasks that involves making choices from a set of statements.

Check box Tick box field to modify a background or to reply
Select box Control to enable the selection in drop down list
Radio box Field to prompt the user to select a single option which is similar to Check box control
Img Choice Control for letting the users to select an image
Rating Field to employ user assessment by means of ratings in numbers
Seekbar Drag-gable thumb control


Typed Controls

If you want to get numerical input from the user, then use the typed controls. If you provide input other than numbers in Value property, it will be marked in yellow color.

Number Control to get numerical value
Mobile Number

Use this control to obtain the Mobile Number from the user

An error message "Invalid mobile number" will be displayed if a user attempts to give an illegitimate phone number

Date/Time Controls

For receiving date/timestamp input from the users, you can use this control.

Date To get input in Day-Month-Year format
Date Time Place this control to get both date and time

Other Controls

You can also include other controls like Section, Hidden Control, and File Upload.

Section To include different sections in a form
File Upload Files can be uploaded by using this control
Hidden Control

Used to save the database data that must be updated when an EnCap form is submitted.

Info! This control cannot be seen or altered by the user

You have to set the form and field properties for every control you create.

In the properties window, click either Form or Field to edit or view the attributes associated with the selected control.

Configure Form Properties

1. Click Form to view the properties of Form. Figure shown below is the properties configured for the Form "BookStore Category".

2. Form Name and Description provided while creating form will be displayed in Name and Description . Give the title for the form in Title.

Info! You can also change the Name, Description, and Title for the form anytime

Configure Field Properties

1. Click Field to view the attributes of all fields.

2. Click the respective field to view or edit its properties.

Common Properties

Fields incorporated in all the form controls share the common dimensions cataloged below.

Field Name Description
Label Display name for the controls
Name Unique name given to all the controls
Type Field type and this cannot be changed since it is automatically selected when you choose any field
Hint Intimation about the field

Enter the value for the controls, which if provided, will be submitted through the form.

Label Alignment Alignment of the field label. Select any position from the list - Inherit, Top, Left, Right to place the label in the selected alignment
Disable If you choose this option, the field will be disabled and you won't to able to add value to it
Validation Required

Enable this option to mark the field as mandatory

Info! If you select this option, mandatory symbol will be displayed right after the label of the chosen field in the launched EnCap. And, if the input is not given by the EnCap user for this particular field, the warning message "Required" will be showed.

Individual Properties

Field Name Control Name Description
Capitalize Text at Text Box This property can be used for changing the case of text (From lower case to UPPER CASE) either at the beginning of a sentence or word or all the characters of the word/sentence
Field Layout Radio Box This dimension comprises three choices to design the radio box: Single Column displays the radio button choices in one column, Two column for dual columned radio choices, and Three column for presenting the radio options in three columns
Options Select Box In this attribute, you can enter the options to be displayed in Select Box
Image Choice Img Choice This attribute is for setting the mode for images. Single Selection option allows you to select one image whereas Multiple Selection is for facilitating the user to select more than one image
Add/Remove Choices Img Choice Img Choice property allows you to include or remove the image options. Paste the URL of the image here to fetch that particular image from its source
Range Rating Range property is for obtaining user rating in numbers
Value Seekbar This property is for extending the drag-gable thumb to a given value
Min and Max Seekbar Minimum and Maximum extension of Seekbar can be provided using this attribute
Step Seekbar To set the Seekbar interval, use this property
Result Label Seekbar This is to assign a label for the Seekbar



Let us create forms for the EnCap Book Store using the controls provided in the palette. For example, the Registration Form for registering the new customers can be created with the text and typed controls as shown below:

Another form called Books Category can also be created to allow the users to browse the books by genre. Below shown is the Books Category form created by dragging and dropping the Section and Selection controls.


Set Values in Form Fields

You can easily reuse the form fields value from one form to another form by giving the name of the data key within double curly brackets {{Data key name}}. For an instance let's take the form called Payment Mode from Book Store EnCap. This form enables the user to select the mode of payment like Credit Card or Debit Card.

The radio control field name Payment Mode can be reused in other form called Pay through Credit Card.

A new section control is added and its label is set as the field value from Payment Mode form.


When you click credit card option, the corresponding option will be displayed as the label for the Payment through credit card form in the EnCap launch.

After creating the forms, you have to create Buttons for using them in EnCap forms since buttons are required to change the action of the forms when they are clicked.



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